3 Ways Your Health Suffers When You Stop Working Out

 Finding the motivation to work out is hard. We all hear the constant reminders about the benefits working out has on our bodies, aesthetic and medical, but it can still not be enough to keep us going on the treadmill.  We might not be regulars at the gym, but at least we aren’t near our deathbed. Although that may be true, if you stop working out, you may get to your deathbed a lot quicker than if you did and here are 3 reasons why:


Our cardiovascular system is one of our most important systems in our body. Working out gets this system working tip top but when you stop working out, it quickly starts to lag and slow down. You get winded a lot easier. Soon you’ll notice that just climbing stairs is a huffing and puffing endeavor. This is because your muscles lose the ability to absorb oxygen and convert into energy, so your muscles need more oxygen to perform even the most menial of tasks. You make up by breathing heavier trying to take in more oxygen. Your cardiovascular system also takes a beating because your arteries start to adapt to lack of use.  High blood pressure can lead to heart disease, congestive heart failure, heart attack and stroke. It’s nothing to play around with.

Weight Gain

This is an obvious effect. We all know that working out makes us look sexier and sleeker. The extra fat slows down your metabolism, and slowly your muscles start to wither which slows down your metabolism even more. For every week you don’t workout, you will need twice as many weeks to lose the fat if not more. Excess weight gain can cause heart disease, Type2 diabetes, and many other diseases. There are more surprising effects of obesity, however, that most people don’t know about. It can increase your risk of cancer, infertility, cause an increased risk of premature births, lack of sleep, depression, and more.

Your Brain

It’s no secret that exercising increases the release of the endorphin serotonin. This is a feel-good chemical in the brain that boosts mood and confidence. Regular exercise can fight depression. There have also been studies done that show increased memory and focus. This increases productivity in the workplace and at home, causing even more reason to be happy. Who knows, maybe a pay raise is in the future? That’s something to be happy about!

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