4 Lifestyle Factors That Increase Your Risk of ED

Did you know that your lifestyle choices can cause or contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED)? An unhealthy lifestyle can affect your ability to get and maintain an active sexual life.

According to research, there is a major correlation between lifestyle and ED. Most men are surprised to know that their lifestyle habits can have a significant impact on erectile dysfunction.

Lifestyle Factors that Affect ED


Regular smoking, or even passive exposure, to smoke harms the penile vascular system. Smoking also significantly increases the risk of hardening of the arteries. This reduces blood flow to the penis. Reduction of blood flow can result in premature ejaculation. Men who smoke daily have a greater risk of developing ED.

Alcohol Consumption

Sexual health is not affected if you have just one or two drinks daily. Moderate drinking is not considered harmful. The problem comes in when you consume an excess of alcohol. This can lead to many health problems, including ED.

Alcohol abuse can disrupt the production of testosterone, which can have an adverse impact on your sexual life. Alcohol has also been found to affect sperm structure and mobility.

Addiction to Pornography

Men who are addicted to porn suffer from a lack of libido and other sexual problems. Men who watch porn often have unrealistically high sexual expectations from their partner. When these expectations are not fulfilled, it can lead to frustration and even ED.

Unhealthy Diet and Overweight

Men who make unhealthy dietary choices become overweight, and this can affect their performance in bed. High fat diets that are low in fiber, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits can increase the risk of developing ED.

Whether you smoke, drink alcohol, maintain healthy weight, exercise regularly, or experience stress, these are all lifestyle choices can contribute to ED. Gaining knowledge about the lifestyle choices that can cause ED can help you make healthier choices and reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction.

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