4 Reasons Why Your Love Life Blossoms in the Winter

Although warm summer nights do have a special romantic feel to them, some studies show quite the opposite – winter could be the perfect season for dating. While there is no denying that staying indoors and cuddling while it’s snowing outside seems very appealing, there’s actually some science to support this claim. It seems that human beings are more interested in finding a companion during the coldest season.

So, why are we more interested in dating during winter?

Higher Testosterone Levels

Research shows that men experience a lot of changes in testosterone levels across different times of the day, as well as different seasons. A study by the Georgia State University in Atlanta found that testosterone levels in men peak during the month of December, increasing their sex drive in the process.

Women Seem More Attractive

Just like the testosterone levels, men’s attraction to women changes across seasons. It may seem counterintuitive, but women’s bodies actually look more attractive to men in the winter, rather than the bikinis of hot summer days when everybody is showcasing their bodies.

You’re More Likely to Get Depressed

Research shows that our bodies produce less serotonin during winter. Since serotonin is directly responsible for regulating our happiness levels, this results in us feeling more depressed and lonely during the winter months. That’s why dating during winter may seem so appealing – we seek company and comfort in others.

We Want to Stay Warm

It may sound simple but staying warm might just be why people are more likely to look for a companion during the long winter nights. Studies show that social exclusion feels physically cold – participants who were excluded from a certain event perceived the temperature as colder.


As it turns out, there are many reasons why we love dating during winter. So, grab your jacket and a warm scarf, and go out there and find your winter romance!

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