5 Common Myths About ED

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that leads to the incapability of men to get or maintain an erection, leading to poor performance in bed. While many men experience ED at some point in their lives and overcome the condition, others suffer from it on a continuous basis. ED is a major cause of lower self-esteem in men. Discussing ED is a difficult task for men, which is why there are many myths that many people still believe in. Below are the common myths about ED.

Myths About ED

Myth: The Only Cause of ED is Aging

Even though ED is widespread among aged men, the only cause of the condition is not aging. ED can affect men of all ages. There are many causes of ED and aging is just one of those causes. ED is primarily a medical problem that affects the quality of life of men, despite their age. The good news is that there are treatment s available for ED irrespective of the patient’s age.

Myth: ED is Only Men’s Problem

While it is true that ED occurs in men, the condition’s effects can also felt by the patient’s partner. It can trigger a feeling of failure, lower self-confidence, and depression in the patient’s female partner. Many females hold themselves faulty and feel guilty when their partners have ED. In order to maintain a good level of intimacy, both partners must discuss the issue and seek treatment for it.

Myth: ED is Caused by Tight Undergarment

There is this common myth that wearing tight undergarment causes ED. The fact is that as of now there hasn’t been any research that links tight undergarment to ED. People believe that wearing tight underwear boost the testicles’ temperature, causing ED. This is just a myth.

Myth: ED Happens as a Result of Relationship Issues

Even though it is true that the level of relationship makes a major contribution to the sexual desires of men, ED is not caused by relationship problems. ED is a medical problem, not psychological. ED can make relationships problematic, though.

Myth: Pills Like Viagra Are the Only Treatments for ED

There are many treatment options available for ED, besides pills like Viagra. Lifestyle changes like quitting alcohol and smoking can help your overcome ED. There are also surgical treatments and exercises you may consider for your ED.

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