6 Surprising Facts About ED

No matter you have ED or not, perhaps you might be thinking you know the nuts and bolts of a penis. But ED is a prevalent problem that has affected more than 30 million men in the US alone. Majority men have no clue as to what causes the condition. Below are some surprising facts about ED.

1. Erectile Dissatisfaction or Erectile Dysfunction?

Majority men who think they have ED actually don’t have the condition. Aged men mostly experience erectile dissatisfaction. What this denotes is that getting and maintaining an erection has become more challenging and bothersome than ever. But this doesn’t mean it is impossible. There are many treatments available for ED. Consult with a doctor to explore your options.

2. Penises are Delicate

You might be thinking you have the strongest penis, but the fact is that you may still end up breaking your penis if you are careless. What this means is that engaging in careless sex and using dangerous sex positions can cause the blood vessels in your penis to burst, which can cause pain, swelling, and ED.

3. Success of ED Medications Are Not Guaranteed

The drugs meant to treat ED and restore the healthy sex life of men are not guaranteed to always deliver successful outcomes. Not all men men who use the drugs get satisfactory results. There are many men who would require higher doses of the ED medications, which means they will be exposed to more side effects.

4. ED Can Indicate an Underlying Health Issue

In some cases, erectile dysfunction can be an indication of a serious health problem. For example, it can be a result of diabetes, increased cholesterol level, and heart problem. Be sure to consult with a doctor and have the underlying problem diagnosed and treated.

5. There is a Close Link Between Lifestyle and ED

Some men are more likely to suffer from ED because of their lifestyle. For example, men with the following lifestyle are more at risk of ED than those who have a healthy lifestyle:

  • Alcoholism
  • Excessive use of drugs
  • Being obese and overweight
  • Excessive smoking
  • Specific drugs
  • Prolonged use of bicycle

6. Stress Can Make ED Worse

ED patients are exposed to greater stress, which has the tendency to make the condition worse. When the patient is frustrated by his helplessness to perform in bed, it can create more tension and make it harder for him to overcome the condition. A sex therapist can be a great help in this situation.

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