A Quick Guide to Fitness for Men Over 50

Men who lead an active life often think they don’t have time to go down to the gym. But if you want to maintain your health and virility over the age of fifty, you need to find an exercise regimen that works for you.

4 Ways to Achieve Fitness

For men over 50, professionals recommend these basic rules:

1. Keep to a Schedule

You may be going back to the gym after a long break, or this could even be your first time doing exercise. In either case, your first step is to create a realistic exercise plan. Professional trainers are almost always a good bet, as they can give you specific advice based on your body’s unique needs.

2. Stay Well-Rounded

Your goal is to achieve long-term fitness. For men over 50, the best approach is to go with exercises that move the whole body.

If you’re used to split sessions – back day, arm day, leg day – you might want to consider reintegrating. Your goal goes beyond strengthening your muscles. Flexibility is just as important to stay in your best shape.

3. Take it Slow

Men who haven’t exercised for a long while might need two or three years to get back into shape. Whatever shape you’re in now, you can achieve a huge improvement – but if you overdo it in the beginning, you’ll risk burnout or even injury.

4. Keep an Appropriate Diet

Concentrate on getting enough protein, and make sure your diet is balanced. Exercise can help you maintain a good appetite, but overeating can ruin your hard work. You should also try to keep your alcohol consumption and smoking to a minimum.


This article covered the best ways to maintain fitness for men over 50. At that age, it’s better to focus on mobility exercises than purely muscle-strengthening ones. Experts recommend a balanced and protein-heavy diet, and a regular schedule.

Bad circulation, bad sleeping habits, and excess body weight are all leading causes of ED. Going down to the gym will help you get rid of these problems. It may give a boost to your testosterone levels as well. Staying in good shape is a mood-lifter, and it will help you perform better in all walks of life.

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