Bike Riding: Can it Really Cause ED?

Is there any link between bike riding and erectile dysfunction? Actually, there is. If you have been riding the bicycle to work in the last year, then you shouldn’t be surprised that you have problems down there. The strong seat of the bicycle causes injury to the perineum, that is, the area located between the genitals and the anus. This anatomical region contains the nerves and arteries that run into the male organ. As you can imagine, the nerves are being compressed. Injury is very likely too. Damaging the nerves results in sexual dysfunction. If you feel numbness or, worse, pain down there, you should forget all about bike riding right now. Or at least switch to a more comfortable one.

Fixing ED as the result of bike riding

Specialists say that those who haven’t developed ED will I the near future. What do you do if you have problems with your sex life? What you can do is refrain from riding  the bicycle, at least until your injury heals. Bike riding, even for short periods of time, can result in permanent damage, so it’s best to be avoided altogether. If the injury is a serious one, you need to seek medical attention. Treatment includes injectable medication and physical therapy.

No, you don’t have to give up bike riding

You’ll be happy to hear that it’s not necessary to give up bike riding entirely. Basically, you can take your bicycle to work, but you have to take some preventative measures. The goal is to protect the perineum and keep comfortable. So, what can one do? Wearing well-fitted shorts is a must, but so is getting out of the saddle every 5 minutes or so. It’s very important to maintain the blood flow and to avoid numbness.

Bike riding isn’t the only culprit

The study published in a bicycling magazine a couple of years back wasn’t mistaken. Riding the bike for hours at an end can lead to serious consequences in the bedroom. However, it’s important to highlight the fact that bike riding isn’t the only culprit. Other factors, like not getting enough sleep or a poor diet can contribute to the issue. If you know that you’re guilty, you should take action right away and make changes in your life. You do want to enjoy good health, don’t you?

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