Causes of ED

ED is a condition that affects many men. It can occur at any age, but majority patients suffer from it in at an older age. If you are unable to get or maintain a firm erection to engage in sexual contact, you might be suffering from ED. Erectile dysfunction can also indicate an underlying health complication. There are many factors that can trigger erectile dysfunction. Here are the top 5 causes of ED.

1. Endocrine Diseases

Endocrine diseases are among the top causes of ED. Your body produces hormones to set your mood, manage metabolism, and regulate your sex drive. Endocrine disorders can affect these functions. For example, diabetes is a common endocrine disease that can lead to ED. It hampers your body’s natural tendency to use the insulin.

If you have severe diabetes, the risk of nerve damage is more significant for you. If this happens, you will either loose or experience changes in your penile sensitivity. Endocrine diseases can also decrease blood flow to the penis, besides impairing the hormone level – the common causes of ED.

2. Medications

There are many prescription and over-the-counter medications that, if used for a long time, can cause ED. That’s true. Certain drugs are among the top causes of ED because their side effects make getting and keeping an erection difficult. These drugs include antidepressants and drugs used to treat and regulate blood pressure.

These medications may treat specific health complications, but they can impair your hormone level and functions. Many drugs can also damage your nerves and affect the blood flow in your body. All of these tend to cause ED. If you suspect a particular drug has caused your ED, you must consult with your doctor.

3. Less Penile Blood Supply

It should not be a surprise that majority cases of ED result from less supply of blood to the penis. As such, lower blood supply is considered to be one of the top causes of ED. A man gets an erection when the penis gushes with blood. Health issues like blood pressure, blood clots, cholesterol, etc. can obstruct the normal blood flow in your body, leading to ED.

4. Neurological and Nerve Disorders

Many neurological complications are considered to be the top causes of ED. Your nervous system plays a critical role in your sex life. It communicates with your sex organs and reproductive system. If there is a problem in your neurological system, it can keep you from getting an erection or enjoying sex.

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