Daily Stressors That Can Cause ED

Affecting a continuously increasing number of men all over the world, erectile dysfunction can be triggered by numerous factors and situations. A milder form of ED is situational ED, but this does not make it less frustrating and damaging to a man’s romantic and intimate interactions. As specialists claim, getting an erection is a rather complicated biological process, and daily stressors such as tiredness, anxiousness, depression and in many cases, way too much excitement regarding a romantic interest can be considered as triggers. Also, alcohol or unhealthy foods can trigger this affection as well. But in the following paragraphs we will develop even further the matter.

ED caused by psychological issues

Males usually experience three types of erections.

  • Reflexive erections, which appear when the penis is stimulated;
  • Psychogenic, which appear due to mental or visual stimuli;
  • Nocturnal erections, which appear during sleep on a regular basis.

Regardless of the type of erection, the process behind getting one is an intricate and complicated one. As a result, any type of stressor, no matter how small, can disrupt it and cause erectile dysfunction. In terms of stress and anxiety, men experience more often ED. A malfunction during one of the following processes can cause situational ED. Some of the most common elements that lead to this affection are:

  • Emotions;
  • The nervous system;
  • The muscular system;
  • The blood vessel system;
  • The hormonal system.

Moreover, mental health can influence enormously how your brain is sending the signals to your penile area and the physical response to those stimuli. In case of increased anxiousness or stress, your brain does not signal your blood vessel system to allow an increased blood flow in the area. This is how ED emerges in these cases. However, the reasons for which each male experiences these issues vary depending on sociologic coordinates.

  • Personal life-related stress, such as work-related issues, or issues in interpersonal relations, even with their romantic interests; this stressor is more common in middle aged men.
  • Psychological ED is more common in young males and teenagers. The numbers are amazing, if we take into account the fact that 9-% of young men and teenagers face psychological ED at least once.
  • ED is generally experienced by older men, but young and middle age men can also encounter this issue. In older men, the loss of a life partner can also be a trigger for ED.

How to treat stress and anxiety-related ED?

If you find yourself in the description above, you should know that there are some therapies that may help you get rid of situational ED.

  • Counselling with a professional will help you identify the stressors that cause ED in your particular case and reduce those.
  • Psychodynamic therapy will help you find the root of your issues in your subconscious and help you manage those more effectively.
  • Sex therapy is yet another effective way to deal with situational ED. It generally aims to increase the levels of security in your sexual life.

These are some important information on situational ED and several effective therapies for those in similar situations.

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