Foam Rolling to Increase Mobility

As we use our muscles and joints, or don’t use them enough, the myofascial tissue can begin to tighten and make it hard to move. Foam rolling is a great way to release that tension and aid in our mobility. Foam rolling is also relaxing, warms up the muscles, can help reduce pain, and increases flexibility.

If this sounds like something you would benefit from this article will give you a few moves to try and some tricks to get the most out of your foam rolling experience.

Foam rolling for hip mobility

Place the foam roller on the ground under the left side of your hip flexor. Stabilize yourself with your left hand. Gently and slowly roll your hip forward and back, releasing the tension in your hip. Don’t go as far as your hip bone. Keep the foam roller on the muscle. Repeat on the other side.

Another way to increase mobility in the hips is by kneeling on the ground and placing the foam roller in front of your knees. Lean over the foam roller and allow it to roll up over your upper thighs and hip flexors.

Last but not least, you can place the foam roller under your butt while you lie on your back. Keep your shoulder on the floor and roll the foam roller slightly back and forth under your upper glutes. Do not arch your back.

Foam rolling for shoulder mobility

Lie flat on your back and place the foam roller under your shoulders. Lift your butt off the floor with your feet and bring your elbows in front of you. Roll slowly over the shoulders blades.

Next drop your left leg down and cross the right leg over it and place that foot on the floor forming the shape of the number four. Extend your left arm up and lean your upper body towards the left as you roll your torso over the foam roller focusing on the upper shoulder muscles. Repeat on the right side.

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