Keys to an Easier Run

Running can be quite a drag. There aren’t many people that genuinely enjoy it, but there are tips and tricks that you can implement to make your daily run a lot easier.

The Shoes Can Make a Difference

It would be hard to run when your feet hurt. Having a high quality running shoe will help you to protect your feet and keep the shock off your joints. Find a sport or shoe shop near you and talk to a professional. You may even need to get shoes fitted to your unique foot.

Use Correct Form

Running with bad form can cause much more pain than necessary, but it also causes you to use more energy than necessary. The right way to run is to have your upper body relaxed with the shoulders back and your torso leaning slightly forward. Your hips should be pushing forward as well. This allows gravity to help keep your going forward. Take shorter but quicker steps to help keep stress off the knees and hips.

Breathe Right

Breathing in through your mouth only can cause hyperventilation. Breathing in through your nose won’t provide enough oxygen. By using both, you can get twice as much oxygen. Every once in a while, take a deeper belly breath through your nose to help prevent side stitches and reoxygenate the body.

Don’t Overdo It

Never should you run a strenuous or long run after you turn 40. This is bad for your heart. Quick runs, or better yet run/walks, are all you need. Don’t push yourself too hard and make sure to take days off to recover.

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