The 5 Most Common Psychological Causes of ED

In many cases, medical issues result in ED. However, many cases have a more direct link to psychological issues.

Here are some of the common psychological causes of ED.

1. Anxiety

A 2015 study found that a “substantial minority” of men with ED also have anxiety. While this means that medical issues were usually to blame, it shows that anxiety is one of the psychological causes of ED.

Anxiety contributes to tiredness and can affect blood pressure levels. Both issues affect sexual function.

2. Depression

The same study also linked depression to ED. Depression often can to a chemical imbalance in your brain. At worst, this imbalance can affect your sexual desires. While there may be no physical problem, this lack of desire may manifest as ED.

3. Stress

A 2013 study demonstrated a link between stress and ED. It found that stress reductive measures also relieved ED in many cases.

Unfortunately, stress is one of the most common psychological causes of ED. It can arise due to any number of issues, including personal and work problems.

4. Fear

Experiencing ED for the first time can create a fearful reaction to future sexual encounters. Popularly called “performance anxiety”, this fear can cause further ED.

5. Relationship Issues

Sometimes, ED arises due to other problems in the relationship. In particular, negative emotional issues can have physical effects.

Arguments and an inability to communicate your feelings may leave you feeling distant to your partner. Talking through these issues may lead to the improvement of sexual function in some cases. In more extreme cases, you may need to visit a counselor or therapist.

Final Word

ED is a difficult condition to manage because of the varied causes behind it.

In many cases, one of the psychological issues listed above may be the root cause of the issue. Seek professional treatment and therapy to confront such psychological causes.

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