This Breakfast Food Can Increase Arousal and Improve Libido

Low libido or decreasing sex drive is a nightmare for many. Not just it scares many men, but it is also distressing to any couple. But did you know that eating this food increases your libido and boosts your sex drive?

A Bowl of Oats for Breakfast

Eating oats for breakfast could be the solution for your concern. San Francisco Institute for Advanced Study was focused on studying human sexuality. They found out those men who integrated oats on their diet had stronger sex drives.

According to study, results were impressive. After a month of consuming oats, one man actually increased his testosterone levels significantly. On the other hand, women who participated in the study were found to have maintained their testosterone levels. Not even a slight increase in women was recorded.

The Natural Viagra

Oats are popular libido enhancers among British Men. Regular consumption of this food boosts erections and increases performance times.

Oats are also known as Avena sativa and have been dubbed as the natural Viagra. Oats produce the chemical avenocoside, which are compounds that trigger the increase in T-hormones. Aside from that, oats are rich in zinc, which is a prerequisite to testosterone production and healthy sperms. Since testosterone levels and libido are has a direct correlation, an increase in the men’s hormone leads to an libido improvement.

Oats also contain Manganese, an essential mineral needed for the normal functioning of the pituitary gland. This gland is essential in the aspect of sexual health for and for sex hormone production. Manganese is also a prerequisite for the optimum functioning of the brain. It keeps you away from a feeling of anxiety and depression. If you want to maintain your erection, you must be in a good mood.

Increased Energy and Libido

A bowl of oats for breakfast gives you enough amounts of carbohydrates and soluble fiber. This means that the body can sustain energy production throughout the day making you last for several hours during the performance.

Munch on that porridge and start your day with full energy that lasts until bedtime.

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