This New Topical Gel Could Provide an Inexpensive Treatment for ED

With many different psychological and physiological underlying causes of ED, there are also various treatment options for this condition. They range from lifestyle changes and anxiety management to medications developed explicitly for its treatment. In the latter category, many creams and gels have been implied as possible solutions to the problem, with more or less success. One of these solutions has shown some promising results in the latest research.

So, could we use the gel as a treatment for ED?

ED and Nitroglycerine

The reason why this latest discovery may help with ED is nitroglycerine – a substance commonly found in explosive devices. This is nothing new, as possible uses of nitroglycerine for ED treatment have been implied as early as the 1980’s. Nitroglycerine releases nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels in the penis and allows for improved blood flow and longer period of erection.

Many ED pills act in the same way, as they also act on nitric oxide.

The Use of Gel as a Treatment for ED

A recent study by the University College Hospital in London found that a topical gel called “MED2005” could be effective against erectile dysfunction. The researchers studied the effect of this substance on 232 men in two different studies and found that the MED2005 can yield results after only five minutes of use.

Its price is rumored to be around two dollars, which would make it one of the most affordable solutions on the market. However, more research is needed to deem this gel safe and effective for humans.

Final Word

Using a gel as a treatment for ED seems like a simple and easy option to manage this condition. However, let your doctor know about your problem, as he or she may be able to suggest a different treatment that may not even include taking any medicine. Sometimes lifestyle changes and psychological treatment may be all you need.

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