What To Do When Dating a Man With ED

ED is a medical problem that affects many men. ED patients are either unable to get an erection or are not able to maintain an erection. The condition affects men of all ages, which means women who have slept with ED patients are also indirectly affected. No matter how sympathetic a woman is, the fact is that if she is dating a man with ED, she may be affected one way or another. Below are some suggestions for you if you are dating a man with ED:

Dating a Man With ED

Your Partner’s ED is Not Because of You

If your partner can’t get or maintain an erection, never think it is happening because of you, or because you are not able to trigger his sexual desires. ED is a common medical problem that can be treated. Be sure to never turn the focus on yourself. Instead, work with your man to get the condition treated because he is suffering more than you are.

Keep the Discussion Casual

You should avoid discussing yourself and your insecurities and bringing in an atmosphere of sadness. Try to keep the convo casual and light. If you become serious, it will only add to his stress and make the ED worse. Also, do not talk about ED in your bedroom. Instead, take your partner out or discuss it with him at the breakfast table the following day. Keep your mode and tone light.

Take a Look at the Factors Causing ED

In most cases, ED is a medical problem and happens when there isn’t enough blood supply to the penis. Emotional and psychological problems can make ED worse. This is something you can help your partner with. Try to help him overcome the emotional or psychological tensions he is experiencing. You can consult with a doctor to diagnose the underlying medical problem causing ED. A sex therapist can also be a great help.

Address the Lifestyle Factors Causing ED

ED is also caused by certain lifestyle factors, such as alcoholism, excessive smoking, obesity, and use of drugs. If your partner has a poor lifestyle, help him switch to a healthy lifestyle. This will go a long way toward helping him overcome ED.

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