Yoga After 40. Is it Right for You?

For some people yoga can be intimidating. They imagine it to be impossible for older ones because of the amount of flexibility that is needed to perform many of the moves. There is more to yoga, however, than turning your body into a pretzel.

Yoga is a way to gently ease your body into a cardio and strength exercise that will also increase your range of motion. There are a few things to keep in mind that will help you get the most out of your yoga session.

Start at a level you are comfortable with

Yoga is easily adaptable to beginners. If you feel your flexibility level needs work, start at the beginning and slowly work your way up. Even the simplest moves will help you out and increase your strength and flexibility.

Make sure you are learning from the best

When you are starting out it is crucial that your teacher is a professional and will keep you from getting hurt. Many of the moves require proper technique in order to prevent strained muscles.

Be consistent

One yoga session a month won’t be very helpful. By having a regular schedule that involves yoga, your body will slowly adapt to the moves and you will see improvements quicker.

It is worth it

Yoga provides so many benefits for the entire body. It helps to strengthen your muscles. It helps to increase your range of motion. It can boost your immune system by relieving stress and increasing your physical health. It will also help you to lose weight.

Use your brain

The meditative aspects of yoga help to strengthen the health of your brain. This results in better memory and cognitive function. Use the breathing techniques and meditation to your advantage. It can be difficult to focus on your breathing and put all worries and thoughts aside but it has its own benefits.

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