5 Known Side Effects of ED Drugs and How to Prevent Them

Your doctor may prescribe one of three drugs if you have ED: tadalafil, sildenafil, or vardenafil. These are more commonly known as Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra.

Each raises the levels of nitric oxide in your bloodstream. A vasodilator, nitric oxide widens your blood vessels, thus making it easier for blood to flow in your body.

Unfortunately, these drugs have some issues. Let’s look at five side effects of ED drugs.

1. Headaches

One of the most common side effects of ED drugs, headaches result from the widening of your brains blood vessels. This creates a sudden change of blood flow to your brain.

Unfortunately, changing your drug does not always eliminate the headaches. Your doctor may have to provide a treatment plan for prevention.

2. Digestive Issues

Unfortunately, ED drugs also cause problems with your digestive system. These can range from diarrhea to indigestion.

Replace alcohol and caffeinated beverages with water. Also, avoid foods that already cause you dietary distress. Some digestive medications can also help, assuming they don’t conflict with the ED drug.

3. Dizziness

More blood to the brain can also lead to dizziness. In rare cases, you may faint.

If you start fainting, talk to your doctor immediately. However, the dizziness is usually mild enough to be ignored.

4. Skin Flushes

ED drugs may cause your skin to flare up. These flushes usually start on your face, then work through your body. They’re often mild, though they sometimes manifest as rashes.

Avoid spicy foods and don’t drink alcohol to avoid this side effect. Also, avoid hot locations.

5. Vision Problems

ED drugs can cause blurred vision and other issues. Those with retinal problems must avoid them entirely.

Consult your doctor if these vision changes persist. You may have had a bad reaction that requires immediate care.

Final Word

There are several side effects of ED drugs that can affect you.

Discuss your options with your doctor before using any medication. They’ll tell you about the actions you can take to lessen the side effects.

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