Improving Your Intimate Life after ED

Erectile dysfunction is quite normal to some certain degree and may not require any medical aid if you experience it very rarely. However, if otherwise, it is necessary to see a medical practitioner to be sure that it is not a symptom of some other disease.

A number of factors lead to a decline in sexual function in men. This may be classified broadly as psychological, physical, mental, and based on their lifestyle. Sometimes, a small tweak in the lifestyle, habits and orientation can prove very effective in curbing erectile dysfunction.

In dealing with erectile dysfunction, one of the frequently asked questions is if some certain sex positions can help to effectively improve your sex life. Having great sex means having a strong, lasting erection which ultimately means having good blood floor to the penis.

Most experts are of the opinion that there is no one sexual position that guarantees great sex with erectile dysfunction. They also suggest that those positions that are more acrobatic in nature and require you to employ more muscles will do the reverse and take more blood away from where you need it the most.

Other experts recommend a sexual position like the girl on top which enables the male partner to be more relaxed as the woman takes charge of the sexual act. However this has not been fully agreed upon by experts who believe that the emotional and mental health of the patient plays a more vital role compared to the sexual position used during sex.

Since there is no specific sex position that guarantees you have great time between the sheets while dealing with erectile dysfunction, it becomes necessary to seek other means to solve the problem.

Tips on Improving Your Sex Life despite Erectile Dysfunction

Instead of trying to use a sex position that you are not comfortable with and have never tried before, you could try out these few tips;

  • Ensure that you are very relaxed and comfortable, make sure the room is neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Ensure that you are not very stressed from work or other activities
  • Use for foreplay, use your fingers and mouth to increase the level of excitement and ensure that orgasm is attained even without direct penetration.
  • Reduce smoking and drinking of alcohol generally and especially before sex.
  • Never be too busy for sex, always create time so that it is not rushed when it finally happens.
  • Exercise and try to stay healthy.
  • Communicate with your partner and only use the sex positions that work best for you.

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