Is there a Relationship Between Weight and ED?

Weight is a menace that many people are struggling with. It is mostly associated with women and beauty. However, what many people forget is that weight is the main cause of many medical and lifestyle conditions. These conditions range from high blood pressure, heart diseases, and high cholesterol to type II diabetes. These challenges also affect your sexual abilities, causing ED in many men. Want to find out if your condition is a result of your weight? Here is the information you need.

Weight gain

Gaining weight is considered unhealthy. If you let your weight go unchecked, you may start gaining weight, increasing your risk of becoming obese and developing different developing various medical conditions. Furthermore, being overweight or obese keeps you from participating or being active in different activities that promote better health. Being inactive, the stress that results from weight gain, and potential medical problems linked to weight gain are likely causes of ED.

Is weight loss a solution to ED?

For many, weight loss is a possible solution. It is natural, safe, and above all, delivers over time. However, the way in which individuals lose weight plays a big role in either sustaining or eliminating ED.

  • Exercise

Working out is not only considered to be a great way to lose weight, it can also be therapeutic. It aids you in shedding the extra pounds while lowering the risk of acquiring ED. Conditions such as heart disease are sometimes the result of inactivity. Treating the condition with exercise improves your mood, alleviates stress, and boosts individual self-esteem. With exercise, your ED is also alleviated due to the high testosterone levels being produced as you work out.

  • Medical supplements

Taking medical supplements to cut down on weight gain is another possible solution to ED. In addition, having yourself checked by a doctor every now and then and receiving the proper medications can help you stay healthy, too. However, supplements and medications can also have adverse effects and may make your ED worse. Therefore, seek advice before attempting to use any supplement or medication to remedy this issue.

What’s the relationship?

Weight gain has been determined to be a possible cause of ED, and weight loss has been considered as a possible solution. Weight gain can result in medical conditions that cause ED. Weight loss, on the other hand, provides a remedy by reducing the risk factors that result in ED. Watching your weight and continuously exercising or working out is highly recommended.

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