3 Common Obstacles in a Relationship and How to Avoid Them

Being in a committed relationship with someone can be wonderful. Staying in that relationship is the tricky part. However, if you can overcome these most common obstacles in a relationship, you are well on your way to make yours last a lifetime.

1. Not Building Trust

One of the most common obstacles in a relationship is lack of trust. Unfortunately, trust is one of those things that do not come into play automatically, like attraction. For a relationship to last, trust needs to be built bit by bit.

If you commit to something – do it. That’s what builds trust. If for some reason you didn’t follow through, fix it quickly and move on. Make sure the next time you keep to your word.

If you can keep the trust on the small things, your partner will learn to trust you on the big things as well.

2. Trying To “Fix” Someone Else’s Problems

Men want to fix problems. They look at a leaky faucet and think how they will fix it. Mentally, men are getting the tools ready.

However, women want to discuss problems. After much discussion, they might move on. But maybe not.

Understanding that your partner might not be wanting you to fix her problems can take some of the pressure off you. More often than not, you only need to listen while she fixes it herself.

3. Emotional Laziness

Listening to someone else is a lot of hard work. You’re familiar with their thinking, you know their likes and dislikes, and you stop paying attention as a result.

Thereafter, if your attention is elsewhere, you might suddenly find yourself with someone you are battling to understand and trying to avoid listening carefully too.

Find the time to speak to your partner when you can really listen, perhaps at the dinner table or on the drive to work. If you can find a time in the day where you can really listen to each other, you will have found a way to avoid unnecessary conflict.

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